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high tides

High tides and wind have caused flooding at East Lothian YC dinghy park in Berwick on the East Coast.
In the harbour itself, one yacht lost its mast and one broke free of its mooring and ended up on the beach.

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Aussies break waterski record

© Mark Seaton

A group of Australian waterskiers broke the world record for most skiers successfully towed behind a single boat. A total of 114 skiers from the Horsehead Waterski Club managed to get up and ride for a mile, sharing the glory of a world record on the waters of Tasmania.

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Little Kialoa

Für 9995$ gibt es die traumhaften Linien der Kialoa auch in klein,
entwickelt aus einem 30% Testtank-Modell des Originals, Baujahr 1986.
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Those were the days

© Leighton O’Connor

Linien, die ich liebe!

Revierführer Mecklenburg Vorpommern – Bornholm

Aus unserer Sicht ist der Törn entlang der Mecklenburg-Vorpommernschen Küste mit Rügen, Hiddensee, den Boddengewässern und einem Abstecher nach Bornholm definitiv empfehlenswert. Warum ? Einfach in den Film reinschauen.

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all aspects

The Star forces you to be at the top of your game in all aspects. You need to be physically in shape, tactically sharp and knowledgeable with rig tune and sail shape. Around the corners you are very busy also. For instance coming into a leeward mark you have to think of the upwind tactics, put yourself in a good position coming out of the mark, trim in 90′ of mainsheet, pull on the outhaul, jib cars, main Cunningham pull the slack out of the jib sheet when the pole comes down plus not hit any boats around you. The crew is just as busy trying to keep the rig up while taking the pole down and dropping the jib halyard, pulling down the jib tack, pulling back the shroud cars, pulling the running backstays on and easing off the mast bender!
SA-innerview > Rick Merriman
Rick Merriman and his crew Phil Trinter won the Bacardi Cup a few weeks a go in Miami.