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luscious friday

Bikini Invasion

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Heading for 60 knots?

Paul Larsen: Today Vestas Sailrocket 2 strolled over 40 knots to become the second ’40-knot sailboat‘ based on the concepts of Bernard Smith. It really was effortless.

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DesTopNews 2011-21

Dolphins catching massive air


DRUM on the rocks

The old maxi Drum once owned by Simon Le Bon and raced in round the world race is in the poo again. Hopefully this venerable yacht will survive its latest strife , as the west of Scotland was battered by an unseasonal storm force gale , the hapless Drum ended up on the beach near Oban. Compared to previous events – losing its keel , near sinking by submarine etc., this is hopefully a minor glitch and hopefully the ole lady shall be gracing our seas again. – captain codblow


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luscious friday

Einschneidendes Erlebnis

real or unreal?

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DesTopNews 2011-20


„Ersatzklemme“ nach Sehnenriss…