it must have tacked

So far, we have minutes and minutes of an, undoubtedly, very fast yacht sailing in a straight line, going up and down without too much action happening onboard.
There is no reason why we shouldn’t believe the claims made by Coutts and Spithill but the whole idea behind this “new” America’s Cup is ground-breaking TV production. Of course the yacht has been on the water for only 2-3 weeks and most probably there isn’t an entire TV crew in Auckland right now but even with one simple camera it shouldn’t be that difficult shooting the yacht tacking or gybing. Unless the AC45 defies the laws of physics it must have tacked at some point during these 2 weeks but that’s nowhere to be seen.

Speed is definitely exciting but with the sailors sitting on one hull, without any evident action, how many minutes will people watch? So, Russell, show us more tacking and gybing, please, more onboard action, even if shot from a speedboat 30 meters away. Thank you.

Der Mann hat mal wieder Recht!