Pinnipèdes from Victor Caire on Vimeo.
via: snipeout.blogspot

Beachmaster. The king hippopotamus. He runs the beach. The other hippos can’t even go to sleep until Beachmaster does first. Now and then a younger hippo will challenge Beachmaster to a fight. If the challenger wins he becomes the new Beachmaster. However Beachmaster always wins. After victory Beachmaster will fornicate with a woman of his choosing. His favorite pastime is eating sausages from the sausage tree, which blossoms once a year. He is also very protective of his fellow hippos. When a hippo dies, Beachmaster will protect the corpse from hyennas, lions, crocodiles, or whatever. However if he’s hungry he will eat it himself. The bottom line is that Beachmaster is the shit.